safety & Training

Performing decommissioning, demolition, disposal, and recycling exposes workers to a wide variety of hazards, included process residual from fossil fuels, inorganic, organic, manufactured products, confined and restricted work areas, abatement, cleaning, packaging, and disposal methods.

Plant Reclamation's specially trained demolition, abatement, and environmental personnel have a wide variety of multi-diciplinary experience within both operating and idle facilities. Personnel are experienced at identifying and assessing hazards and offering solutions to mitigate potential risk.


Before each project, a Site Specific Safety and Health Plan (SSSHP) is developed to address the project's specific work, hazards, tasks to be encountered, and will include the appropriate safety standards to safely execute the requested scope of work.The SSSHP is based upon the analytical data of the specific hazardous materials to be encountered, and will establish the necessary PPE required to perform both non-hazardous and hazardous work activities associated with the contaminated equipment residual, including pressurized equipment cleaning and waste management.

Safety Mission Statement

The services of Plant Reclamation are to reliably provide industrial dismantling, demolition, and disposal in the safest and most sound manner. In fulfilling this mission, Plant Reclamation is committed to being a responsible steward of safety and to continually improve its safety program. 

- Plant Reclamation is dedicated to creating an incident and injury free work environment for all our employees. 

- Management is committed to the safety and welfare of all employees through prevention, education, and awareness with the ultimate goal of eliminating workplace incidents and injuries. 

- The mission of Plant Reclamation is to develop and implement effective policies and procedures that eliminate incidents and injuries through training, education, inspections, and mentorship of all our employees. 

- Plant Reclamation is committed to the behavioral based safety process which actively involves all employees in identifying, preventing, and correcting workplace safety issues to reduce accidents and injuries.

- Our goal is to educate, promote, and encourage the practice of safety while eliminating unsafe acts and hazardous conditions for the good of all, directly and indirectly, involved with Plant Reclamation. 

- Every Plant Reclamation employee has an obligation to perform work assignments in compliance with all applicable safety laws, regulations and standards, and in accordance with Plant Reclamation's Health, Safety, and  Environmental Standards.

Key Performance Indicators

Plant Reclamation worker protection program and safety performance begins with our behavioral based loss prevention self-assessment program. Our commitment to behavioral based safety culture and awareness has assisted our company in achieving some of the lowest safety statistics in the demolition industry.


- EMR:  >0.70 (Current EMR available upon request)

- TRIR: 0

- LTR: 0

- Fatalities: 0

Third Party Qualification Compliance

Plant Reclamation is an Active contractor in ISNetworld & Avetta/BROWZ, in good standing with all existing clientele. 

Plant Reclamation has developed over sixty (60) company procedural based Safe Operating Standards.These safety standards have been developed ensuring workers are knowledgeable and skilled to perform demolition activities safety within high hazard industrial facilities. Each Safety Standard and Manual are submitted annually to independent third-party Certified Safety Professional Firms (ISNetworld and Avetta/BROWZ ) for compliance auditing to ensure worker protection is continuously maintained. 

Key Performance Indicators & Metrics are reported to ISNetworld & Avetta/BROWZ quarterly to insure Plant Reclamation exceeds the safety  qualifications of our clients. 

Safety Culture & Training

Plant  Reclamation’s  behavior  based  safety  program  is  a  bottom-up  approach  of  front  line employees with top-down support from safety leaders. The behavior based safety program promotes interventions that are people-focused and often incorporate one-to-one or group observations of employees performing routine work tasks, setting goals carefully and giving timely feed back on safety-related behavior, coaching and mentoring. The initiatives have a proactive focus, encouraging individuals and their work groups to consider the potential for incident involvement (accidents), and to assess their own behavior as safe or unsafe always, no matter what.

Plant Reclamation has developed of over sixty (60) company procedural based Safe Operating Standards.These safety standards have been developed ensuring workers are knowledgeable and skilled to perform demolition activities safety within high hazard industrial facilities. Each worker is trained and tested on the applicable safety standards and manuals annually.

To complement workers training on the applicable company safety standards, workers receive additional training and participate in various surveillance and medical monitoring programs provided by third party providers:


- Cal-OSHA High Hazard Facility

- Medical Surveillance and Monitoring

- Drug & Alcohol Random Monitoring

- Hazardous Site Worker (HAZWOPER)

- Asbestos Supervisor, Worker, and Awareness

- Background Screened

- Homeland Security Transportation Worker Identification Workers Credentialed (TWIC)

- First Responder, First Aid, CPR, and AED